Jillian Hyperion back story

Jillian Hyperion, a native of Alderaan, is a young, human woman. She has long dark traditional waves, streaked naturally with golden highlights. She grew up in the nobility of Aldera City in an apartment adjacent to the palace, and often watched from afar. She wears an alzoc on a chain around her neck. A pearl from her lost planet. She moves with soft footfalls and a natural grace. Her eyes search subtly under a serious brow that does nothing to harden her noble features, and when provoked, a smile that makes a dimple appear on one side.

Jillian was raised by her father, having lost her mother from her own birth. She was naturally curious, and spent a lot of time reading legends and stories, as well as studying culture and customs, history and anthropology, and every intergalactic news page her protective father let her get her hands on. She watched her three older brothers head off to the Imperial academies when they were of age, which was confusing, for she also attended court with her father and heard plenty of talk against the Empire in the corners of the palace halls, from dance partners at the balls, and from heated debates in public hearing. The only one who had ever made sense enough to calm them all down, and yet be agreeable with them at the same time, was the Viceroy, Bail Organa. Jillian remembered standing quietly at her father’s side, and watching the Princess, Leia Organa, standing quietly at the Viceroy’s side during these orations. Jillian was also standing at her father’s side each time when he received three separate letters informing him that his son had been killed at the Imperial academies due to an “accident” during training. Jillian had won a scholarship to the Alderaan Academy of Arts, but she was so impacted by the loss of her brothers that when she was of age, she vowed never to attend an Imperial institution and ran away in the dark of night.

She ended up on Enduin, a planet in the uncharted Enemdersaan system in wild space. Off of the tranquil, peace-oriented Alderaan, Jillian learned of the terrifying truths of weapons and war. There, she also met Ache Hakeman, an old fighter pilot who had crash-landed on Enduin and wandered for months before regaining his lost memory. Now he was a successful local businessman, and wealthy. He took a liking to Jillian, and despite the age difference, took her in and attempted to become close with her. She enjoyed his intellectual company but rejected his advances. Outside of that, the two developed a tentative friendship. He let her read everything she wanted, and he taught her to fly, and found her to be a natural talent when it came to piloting. But Hakeman had a problem with anger, and during a terrifying substance-induced rage he had one night, Jillian stole a ship and fled for her safety. She was not able to get far with authorities on her tail, so she abandoned the R-41, and caught a shuttle to Aprovin, another planet in the same system. It was during her time here that she learned of the destruction of Alderaan, at a public holocast of the incident, complete with Imperial lies justifying the obliteration. She also heard rumors in the smugglers’ den, rumors of a rebellion rising against the Empire. The memories of her father and brothers igniting fire in her heart, she vowed to join the Rebellion someday…..somehow.

Captain Corin Taragoth of the Rebel Alliance Star Fighter Corps, had made a shuttle run into wild space, searching for rebel supporters. Jillian found her way to this opportunity, and agreed to fly with him to the Rebel fleet. Loyalty first, though her studies beckoned her to join her Princess, who was there fielding the diplomatic battles of establishing an Alliance, Jillian joined the SFC under Captain Taragoth, who had welcomed her. Immediately she became a point of interest to the renegades who were her fellow pilots, and would become her dearest friends – her new brothers, though she would have never thought it at the time.

Jillian achieved Flight Officer Status quickly, because the Starfighter Corps was called upon to rescue their medical officer from a pirate base called Chequer. This was the first combat situation Jillian had ever experienced. The incorrigible pirates holding the agent didn’t relent, and it was a narrow escape that left all injured but her and one other, Captain Trevor Wiley. Jillian became a heroine that day, with Wiley at her side, as the two of them got the others on board and escaped from the pirates without casualty. He was a Coruscanti street rat, quick thinking and even quicker on his feet, and difficult to communicate with, in her opinion, but they couldn’t have done it without each other.

Shortly after the successful mission, she was promoted. She was also assigned to Corsair Squadron. Trevor was assigned to Rogue Squadron. Red Squadron headed out to seek a new base for the Rebellion, after the evacuation from Hoth.

Her personal life became at once a source of comfort and frustration to Jillian. She spent a lot of time with the other pilots off duty. Most of the frustration came from two reasons – her lagging desire to aid on the diplomatic end of things, and Trevor Wiley, who endlessly antagonized her into argument after argument questioning her ideology, politics, and genial good graces.

Jillian constantly had her nose in a data pad and she continued to soak up all the information she could, occasionally meeting with Princess Leia to discuss the Alliance and its hope for a New Republic of the future.

Life has thrown twist after turn at this spirited young woman, yet she has persevered. Her eyes remain wide and searching, still full of the curiosity of her youth despite the knowledge beyond their years. Her emotional defenses are not as fiercely protective as they used to be. She is friends with and useful to the woman she grew up admiring, whose ideals match her own. She’s found a new family. While no one can realize themselves until they have the gift of hindsight, and no one can anticipate their future, the depths of her eyes betray some sort of understanding. Creatures like this are always more than they seem…. and more than they ever think they can be.